What else do I need to know?

The Fiduciary Focus ToolkitTM is being developed to replace the existing Toolkit for Advisors. As time goes on, more and more of the features you use today will be made available within the Fiduciary Focus ToolkitTM

  • You can try it out
    • Our staff will assist you with navigation and implementation of the new solution
    • Work hand in hand with trained personnel to ensure product mastery
  • We will move your data for you
    • Client holdings, watch list criteria and IPS asset allocations will be transferred to the new software and set up automatically.
    • Old, unused client data will need to be deleted before we do the transfer.
  • You will have a transitional period.
    • If you decide to begin using the Fiduciary Focus ToolkitTM, you will retain access to your Toolkit for Advisors for a period of time, as you transition.
    • We will continue to update you on new features as they are developed and released.
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