Why would I use the Fiduciary Focus Toolkit instead of the Toolkit for Advisors?

Leveraging input from current users, our development team designed and built an improved tool focused on efficient workflows, modern interfaces, and interactive reporting that will help you scale your practice with fiduciary processes.

  • Investment monitoring dashboards that summarize your entire book of business
  • Configure your own IPS templates
    • Start from our best practice template or upload your own custom WORD document
    • Customize the language used throughout the IPS template
    • Customize the questionnaire used when generating a client’s IPS
  • Select different monitoring criteria for active, passive, target date and money market investments
    • Over 30 new data points for investment monitoring and research including tracking error, up/down capture, information ratio and many more
    • Document your implementation criteria
  • Track annual IPS reviews, quarterly client monitoring reports, and ongoing investment changes
  • Modernized reporting (interactive and PDF formats)
    • Investment factsheet
    • Investment comparison
    • Client monitoring report
  • All CITs now receive a Fiduciary Score® (in addition to MFs, ETFs, & GRPAs)
  • Client account householding
  • Proposals
    • Win new business with the Fiduciary Score® 
    • Present a concise comparison of your prospect’s investments against an enhanced lineup
  • Models
    • Benchmark your investment models using an independent, client friendly report.
    • Analyze the models offered in a 401k plan or used in your advisory practice.
    • Generate a hypothetical report using a model’s current allocation or upload allocation history for a more complete picture.
  • Costs & Services Now Available
    • Clearly explain the costs your client is paying for the services they are receiving.
    • Document all service provider costs and services (including revenue sharing) to provide a clear, simple illustration that your client’s will understand.

As of June 2018, the Fiduciary Focus ToolkitTM   does not yet contain all of the features from the Toolkit for Advisors. This most notably includes:

  • Custom report templates - Planned Q3 2018
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