How do I create a custom IPS Template?

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Investment Policy Statement Templates and their corresponding questionnaires can be created form scratch or by modifying Fi360's provided Best Practice Templates.

One can create their own IPS Templates by navigating to the Application Management section of the Fi360 Fiduciary Focus Toolkit. 



Once there, the option is given to copy and modify an Fi360 Best Practice Template  Copy.png

or Add a New Policy Template.


Both paths will lead to our IPS Template Management Interface.


This interface will permit the modification of an Fi360 Best practice template of a user uploaded IPS.

The questions that can be created here can be those which require:

  • A single line response
  • A multi line response
  • A single select choice
  • A multi select choice 
  • A date

Finally, system fields can be added to the IPS Template. These fields can include data points provided from other areas of the Fiduciary Focus Toolkit. Those fields include:

  • Client Name
  • Client Account
  • Watch List Trigger
  • Asset Allocation
  • Peer Group Benchmarks


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