Client Notes Overview

The first step in a Fiduciary Quality Management System is to organize your approach to each client engagement. The starting point is not too dissimilar to running a business: You need to identify your market, be familiar with the laws affecting your industry, know what resources will be available – capital and people, and assess what constraints will affect your business.

The Fiduciary Focus ToolkitTM equips you will the means of documenting the details pertaining to a specific client with the client notes feature.

  1. Navigate to the appropriate client from the Clients view of your Book of Business
  2. Select "Client Notes"

This section allows you to edit or delete existing Client Notes. You are also able to create a New Client Note here. 

Client Notes are able to be typed directly into the Fiduciary Focus Toolkit. The Toolkit also provides flexible visibility settings.Cnotes2.jpg

  • If you choose not to include the Client Note in Monitoring Reports, it will be an Internal note
  • If you choose to the include the Client Note in the Monitoring Report it is a Client Facing note and will appear in the report, as it does below:
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