2017 Q4 Release Webinar and Notes

We’ve been busy making updates to our software platform based on your feedback. Check out our new enhancements in this quarter’s release, including a redesigned Fee Benchmarker® application, Fiduciary Focus Toolkit™ integration improvements and more!

  • Save time creating client accounts with our integration partners
    Client creation and ongoing monitoring just got a whole lot easier. If you use any of our integration partners, you can now bulk-create hundreds of clients in seconds to monitor their investments and view their monitoring reports. Your clients’ holdings will then be updated automatically as time progresses
  • Cover Page Logo
    You can now add your firm’s logo to the cover page of reports.  Visit the settings area to configure it.
  • New integration partners
    We’ve added the ability to import your client holdings directly from Trust Company of America and Transamerica.

  • Usability
    Numerous improvements were made platform-wide including:
    • Ability to search within your client, prospect and investment tables so you don't have to scroll
    • Ability to quickly select peer groups within the IPS asset allocation step
    • Easier settings and profile navigation

  • Report Disclosures
    Reports were updated to maintain consistency with FINRA requirements.  You will see some new disclosure language on many of the reports.

  • End User License Agreement
    Be sure to check out Fi360’s updated privacy policy and End User License Agreement (EULA) found in the bottom left corner of the Fiduciary Focus Toolkit. Our Privacy Policy and EULA were recently updated to correspond to developments in state, federal and regulatory privacy laws.

  • Fixes
    Several fixes were made including performance improvements to the IPS workflow and the ability to delete prospects.




A recorded webinar showcasing some of these new features is available here: https://vimeo.com/259054907/70448304af



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