User Types/Descriptions

There are (4) four types of users available in IPS AdvisorPro, and they are listed below with descriptions. 

Account Administrator

This is the person that signed up for IPS AdvisorPro, and there is only one slot available for this user type. The Account Administrator has full control over the account, including assigning permissions to the other users within their account.

General Administrator

Users of this type can have similar permissions to the Account Administrator, except they cannot change the credit card on file or upload their firm's logo.

Compliance Moderator

This account type was created for those managing compliance in their firm. Users of this type can view all existing IPSs, but cannot create new IPSs, or modify existing IPSs.

General User

A user of this type can create new IPSs and modify any IPSs he/she originally created. 
Please Note: There is ONE main difference unique to this user type; once logged in with their own credentials they will only be able to view IPSs they created, but none created by other users on their account.  However, all other user types will be able to view their IPSs (when logged in with their own credentials).



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