What is an IPS template and how is it used?

IPS Templates are the framework for the creation of your client IPSs.  The templates included in your account contain content/wording relative to suggested areas of discussion for inclusion in an Investment Policy Statement; we refer to this as 'default content.'  This content is EDITABLE to ensure that your IPSs will reflect your policy, practices and philosophies.

The templates are used in conjunction with corresponding investor-type specific questionnaires to create each client's unique IPS. 

There are eight (8) investor-type templates available within your account; each template is available in a PROFESSIONAL format and a STANDARD format. 
PLEASE NOTE: the STANDARD templates are strictly a summary (2-3 page output), and are not customizable.

The templates contain  Placeholders [[I1:ClientName1]] that are populated with responses from the **IPS Questionnaires during the IPS creation process.

Each investor-type template has a corresponding Investor Information questionnaire to gather the client-specific data pertinent to the IPS.
PLEASE NOTE: there are STANDARD and PROFESSIONAL format questionnaires for each Investor Type, and should be selected according to the selected template format. 

Each IPS creation includes data gathered from the related questionnaires: Investor Information,**Risk Tolerance, and Advisor Information, with the exception of the Self-Directed 401(k), which does not utilize the Risk Tolerance.
**Risk Tolerance intelligence from outside sources can be included; the application's questionnaire is not mandatory.  This can be addressed further through User Training or via our support team. 

The IPS questionnaires are available to download in PDF format via your Home Screen>far left column>Download Questionnaires; all responses will ultimately be input in the ONLINE questionnaire screens during the IPS creation.


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