Showing fund performance as load waived in reports

fi360 Toolkit reports contain a section called the standardized performance disclosure.  By default, this section will show what the front or deferred load is for funds that charge these types of transaction fees.  In some cases, especially retirement plans, these loads are not applicable.  The standardized performance disclosure report section will adjust each investment's performance information depending on if the front or deferred load is charged.  This is a requirement by FINRA in performance reporting.


There are two main ways to show funds as having front or deferred loads waived in the standardized performance disclosure report section.  You can do it globally for every report ran in the Toolkit or on a client by client basis for certain clients in the My Clients area of the Toolkit.


- Globally for all Toolkit reports: Login>My Clients>Account Admin>My Contact Information>check the box(Load waived default)>Save.

Please note this has to be done by the advisor license on the Toolkit, not the admin license.


- Client by client basis for reports run from the client cabinet: Login>My Clients>click on the client name>Basic Information>Edit(client details)>check box(Load waived A,N,T shares)>Save & Exit.


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