Assigning support staff credentials to generate reports and update info

As of November 2015, each Toolkit subscription includes one (1) advisor license and one (1) admin license. By default, the advisor license is the billing and user administrator for the account.


Advisor licenses house client records, report templates, watch list criteria, and all account information for the Fi360 Toolkit. Admin licenses are linked to an advisor license, have their own unique username and password, and may have very similar functionality to advisor licenses. The single license with user administrator privileges has the capability of granting and suspending access to an admin license.


The "Prepared By" section of a report's cover page is driven from the advisor license's account. If an admin creates a new report on behalf of an advisor, it will always pull the advisor's master contact information onto the front of the report.


1) Access the Account Admin area of the Toolkit in the top right-hand corner

2) Select the Users sub-tab on the Account Admin page

3) Click the "Go!" button to create a new user on the right-hand side of the Users page


 4) Complete the required fields and click the "Create User" button - please contact [email protected] if the user already has an account in the Fi360 Toolkit or is an Fi360 Designee

 5) Select the Licenses sub-tab to view your available licenses for the Fi360 Toolkit


6) Click on the "Assign" link on the Licenses page

7) Select the new user profile previously created in the drop down menu and click the green "Assign!" button

8) Return to the Licenses page and select the "Link to Advisor(s)" option next to the newly assigned license

9) Finish the process by selecting the advisor(s) the admin needs to access and click the green "Update!" button


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