Data Revision Policy

Morningstar serves as Fi360's main data provider for investment research and reporting. At the end of each data period, we calculate the Fi360 Fiduciary Score and display returns, expenses, and other metrics in the Fi360 Toolkit for reporting purposes. While Morningstar and Fi360 both have quality assurance and data accuracy processes in place, there is always potential for an investment to have a calculation error, improper categorization, or incorrect spelling.

What is the best way to find out if an investment is affected by a correction?

Please submit a request that includes a brief description of your question as well as a ticker, investment name, and/or CUSIP.

Note: If an investment seems to have an outlandishly high gross expense ratio, it may have an expense waiver associated with it in order to drastically lower the net expense ratio. Please read the expense post in our knowledge base for more information on expense ratios or refer to the investment's prospectus for expense details.

How does Fi360 process corrections to previously posted investment data?

Corrections will be processed in the next monthly data update and used from that point forward.  The corrections are not applied to previously calculated Fi360 Fiduciary Scores or prior period reports - this keeps archived data periods secure and consistent in their existing state.

Data integrity and accurate reports are essential to the success of financial advisors, plan sponsors, recordkeepers, and our subscribers. We're here to help if you have any questions about returns, expenses, or other metrics that you may see in your reports.

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