Examination Information

Once you have selected an appropriate proctor, you may submit their information to Fi360.


Successful completion of the examination is one of the requirements for attaining an Fi360 designation, and anyone seeking to achieve that end is eligible to sit for it. The other requirements for attaining the designation include meeting the experience requirement, completing training, satisfying the Code of Ethics and Conduct Standards, and submitting the application and dues.


The examination must be completed under the supervision of an acceptable proctor. The requirement for a proctor helps to ensure the integrity of the examination process as one of the rigorous requirements for attaining an Fi360 designation.

The following are some examples of both acceptable and unacceptable proctors. A proctor must be approved by Fi360 prior to administering the examination.

Acceptable Proctor

Unacceptable Proctor

Fi360 Personnel

Individual currently enrolled in any Fi360 training

Testing Center (e.g., Sylvan Center)

Individual currently enrolled in any Fi360 exam

Public Librarian

Non-supervisory Coworker

Human Resources Professional


Compliance Professional


Supervisor or Manager (of the exam taker)

Supervisee (of exam taker)


Once an acceptable proctor has been selected and submitted to Fi360, he/she will be provided with instructions on administering the exam. Scheduling can be coordinated directly between the proctor and exam taker. The exam must be taken within one (1) year from the date of its purchase.

If the candidate's designation application is selected for audit, Fi360 personnel will contact the proctor to verify authenticity of relationship with the candidate and proper protocol was followed. If it is determined the candidate falsified the proctor or submitted an unacceptable proctor, their designation application will be subject to the Qualification and Complaint Procedure.

Format and Procedure

The examination is a computer-based, timed, closed-book assessment that must be attempted unaided in the presence of a proctor. The designation examinations consist of:

  • AIF® examination consists of sixty (60) multiple choice questions with a time-limit of ninety (90) minutes. A paper-based examination is available upon prior arrangement by Fi360 or the exam taker, and may only be proctored by Fi360 personnel.
  • PPC® examination consists of fifty (50) multiple choice questions with a ninety (90) minute time-limit. A paper-based examination is available upon prior arrangement by Fi360 or the exam taker, and may only be proctored by Fi360 personnel.
  • AIFA® examination is a paper-based exam. It totals 50 points consisting of nine (9) short answer questions (30 points total), ten (10) multiple choice questions (10 points total) and completion of case studies (10 points total). The AIFA® examination has a time-limit of ninety (90) minutes.



The exam is designed to assess comprehension of the subject matter, as well as their proper application. Across all designation examinations, a minimum (cut) score of 75% must be achieved in order to successfully pass the exam. Computer-based exam results are delivered upon completion of the exam or when the time-limit is reached. Paper-based exam results are delivered within two weeks of completion.

An exam score is considered confidential information, and is delivered solely to the exam taker.


For questions about retaking the exam, see our retake section.

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