Building an Investment Policy Statement

Investment Policy Statement (IPS) creation occurs in the My Clients (Client Cabinet) area of the Toolkit.  You need to have a client created before you can create the IPS. Please note that it is important to have the correct client type selected as this determines the template information displayed to you when creating the IPS.


1)  Click on My Clients then create a new client or click on an existing client for whom you would like to generate an IPS.


 2) The next page may show one or several data periods.  Click Edit on this page.





 3) Click on Investment Policy Statement.



4) From here, you will need to click on "Edit" for each box (background info, Selection and Watch List Criteria).



5) Once the correct info is edited/input in each of these sections, the IPS can be generated in PDF or word format on the right side of the main IPS page.  Click on the PDF or WORD icon to generate the document in the report queue.



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