Finding Group Retirement Plan Annuities (GRPA)

Group Retirement Plan Annuities, referred to as GRPAs in the Toolkit, require a slightly different process to find and use in the Toolkit reporting as they do not have a ticker symbol to search by like a mutual fund.  


Like any investment in the fi360 software, they can be saved to a client for repeatable client reporting or they can be used in the Analyzer to get one time reports for data analysis.  If you are trying to add a GRPA to a client's holdings, please use the option on the right side of the holdings page for the client to get started(see below).  The other option is to access the Analyzer from the top menu bar: Individual Tools>Analyzer.

Once in the Analyzer, the first step is to change the universe so that you will be looking at GRPAs.  That can be done on the right side of the page in the "I want to..." panel.  Select the drop down menu, then select GRPA and finally hit "Change".

You will now be able to use the "Group Retirement Plan Annuity Search Factors". Select a factor you wish to apply and use the arrow button to add it over to the right.  Notice that the results tally will update as you apply search factors to narrow down the available funds.  Once you have the factors applied, "View Results" can be selected. 

**Tip for quickly finding a GRPA: In the field title "GRPA Name", you can do a keyword search.  For example, if you would like to find a John Hancock Strategic Income Opportunities Fund, type in "strategic income opportunities" and add that phrase over to the right using the arrow(ignore the "No results remain" language).  This will allow you to view the results of all GRPAs that have the phrase "strategic income opportunities" in them.  An example result could be "JH USA 3JHVIT Strategic Income Opportunities I".

Finally, from the results page you can generate a report or add the GRPA(s) to the client.

 Please reference the PDF below for an example of how to find GRPAs.




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