Customizing reports

Most report customizations are selected in the top navigation bar under Settings > Report Settings > Report Templates. There are 4 main functional areas that will come together to give your reports a polished look:

1) Report Templates

2) Color Schemes

3) Logos

4) Disclosures

To combine individual report sections, open Settings > Report Settings > Report Templates > Create a new report template on the right-hand side of the page > Input information into required fields > Click the green "Create Template!" button to open your new template.

Please note that there are two available template types: Client Report and General Investment Report. Client reports will only appear in the Client Cabinet. General Investment Reports will appear throughout the entire Toolkit, including the Client Cabinet and Investment Analyzer. This section is not editable after creating the template - be sure to select the correct template type when beginning the process!

Once in an existing template, you can select report sections on the left-hand side > Click on the "Add Section" button > Expand the specific section by clicking the plus sign next to the newly added section and make customizations.

Logos, disclosures, page numbers and other template details can be updated on the right-hand side of this page as well.

To create custom color schemes, open Settings > Report Settings > Color Schemes > Create a new color scheme on the right-hand side of the page > Input a name and choose if you'd prefer the color scheme to serve as a default for your reports > Select font size, header colors, and font colors for each section > Open the color palette by selecting the button next to each section > Save your changes when you're done.

Each report template can use a single color scheme. Multiple colors schemes can be saved in the fi360 Toolkit for current or future use. Please check with your corporate marketing or communications department, if applicable, about hexadecimal color values and RGB combinations.

To upload a logo, open Settings > Report Settings > Logos > Upload a new logo on the right-hand side of the page > Select a jpg, .jpeg, .png, or .bmp file (recommended size 250x250 pixels) > Finish the upload process and verify if you want the logo to show up as default or not.

You can store multiple logos in the fi360 Toolkit and apply them to different report templates as needed. Re-sizing logos can be done in Microsoft Paint or Adobe Photoshop.

To create a front or back page disclosure, open Settings > Report Settings > Disclosures > Click the create function on the right-hand side of the page > Enter a disclosure name > Input plain text into the Cover Page and/or Last Page disclosure section(s) > Choose to set as default or not > Save the disclosure.

You may use HTML to insert line breaks, modify fonts, and section out paragraphs. Please note that copying and pasting from another program, such as Microsoft Word, may insert foreign characters or text images that are unintended, so please proofread your disclosures before saving and applying to report templates.

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