Adding funds to a model

The My Models area of the Toolkit can be used to create reports to show information about an asset allocation or model portfolio.  These reports can be detailed performance reports based on the history of a portfolio of investments or they can be basic asset allocation reports.  

To generate a report with fund-specific performance and risk information, the tactical asset allocation must be completed with at least one time period, funds, and allocations to those funds.  The time period(s) is/are used to show the history of the model.  A hypothetical portfolio performance over the past ten years can be shown in the model portfolios report if just one time period is input with allocations.  The actual historical performance of a model can be shown in the model portfolios report if a minimum of two time periods are created with allocations.  

These steps can be followed to add funds to a model:

1) Go to the My Models area of the Toolkit and either create new model model by clicking on the "Create" button or access an existing model by clicking on the name of that model.

2) In the box for the Tactical Asset Allocation model, click on "Create New" to create a time period. In most cases creating the most recent time period available is a good starting point.  Click "Create new Time Period".

3) Click on the time period that was just created. 

4) Type in a ticker or fund name to search for the fund(s) to be added to the model.  Once a fund is selected, it will be moved to the right to allow for an allocation to be assigned.

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