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Discover the Possibilities - Need to speed up your client reporting process? Seeking a consistent, concrete set of processes to use with your clients at the end of your reporting periods? Hoping to impress your clients with a succinct and meaningful scoring system? Watch this brief overview to learn how the Toolkit can help!

Winning New Business - Check out the Fi360 Proposal Generator - a quick and easy way to compare the Fi360 Fiduciary Score, performance metrics, and other customizable parameters for investments. Convert a potential client by showing them compelling benefits of a suggested, pre-screened investment list versus their existing portfolio.

Establishing Plan Expectations and Monitoring Funds - The only way to ensure you go the extra mile for a client is to start with a defined set of expectations. The Investment Policy Statement lays the foundation of duties and responsibilities for service providers involved in safeguarding of assets, portfolio management, recordkeeping, and countless other positions. Make fund monitoring painless by applying the Fi360 Fiduciary Score in the IPS or adopt a set of custom due diligence criteria to show your clients you take their watch list management seriously.

Reviewing Investments and Creating Custom Report Templates - Don't let default reports hold you back - mix and match report sections to create report templates for use across all client types in the Fi360 Toolkit! Add your own spin to things by customizing your reports. Apply your company logo, color scheme, and disclosures to your deliverables and take your process to the next level!

Building Recommended Fund Lists and Utilizing Custom Criteria - Make watch list replacement actions a breeze by building a list of pre-screened funds that meet a select list of criteria. The Investment Analyzer filters through peer groups for best-in-class investments which are then kept in a library for future use in models, proposals, and many other sections of the Toolkit.

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