Changing the data period for an existing proposal report

Proposal reports created in the My Proposals area of the Toolkit utilize investment data for use in comparing portfolios.  This investment data is assigned to the proposal upon creation and will not update automatically as new data comes out.  Toolkit users that work with the same proposal over and over again will want to be sure to update the proposal with the most recent data available when running the report. This can be done by following the steps outlined below.


First, access the My Proposals area.  Next, click on the proposal name. A confirmation box may pop up warning you that this proposal has already been completed.  You will want to confirm this and continue to the proposal folder.  Here you will see the ability to edit the proposal settings on the right side of the page.  Change the date and save the new settings.  The report can now be recreated with the more up-to-date information.

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