AIFA® Training - Access/Cancellation/Transfer

This article explains the policies associated with the AIFA® Training (“Training”), including access to content, cancellations, transfers and refunds. Completion of the Training is one of the requirements for attaining the AIFA® designation.


Upon enrollment in the AIFA® Training, a participant is provided with access to mandatory pre-reading materials. The course content itself is delivered during a three day, instructor-led seminar.


In the event of cancellation by the participant, a refund is contingent upon the date of the forthcoming seminar. If the scheduled seminar is at least twenty one (21) days in the future, the full purchase price will be refunded. If it is less than twenty one (21) days in the future, the purchase price - less a cancellation fee - will be refunded with one exception. Namely, no refunds are granted within one week of a seminar. Similarly, no refunds are granted in the event that a participant fails to attend a seminar.


Requests to transfer to a new seminar date are subject to a transfer fee ($175), and must be made at least two (2) weeks prior to a scheduled seminar. Only one transfer is permitted.  Account ownership cannot be transferred to a third-party once the online content has been accessed.

Alternate Payment

In the event the participant purchases a training product, and wants to use a different method of payment after the transaction is processed, the following policy will apply:

  1. The request must be received within 72 hours of the initial purchase.
  2. The request must be approved by the Learning and Development management team.
  3. After the refund is processed, repurchase of the training product must be processed immediately by the sales or finance team.
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