What are the examination formats/passing scores?

The AIF® and PPC® examinations are computer-based, timed, closed-book assessments that must be attempted unaided in the presence of a proctor. The AIF exam consists of sixty multiple choice questions, while the PPC exam consists of fifty, each with a time-limit of ninety (90) minutes. A paper-based examination is available upon prior arrangement by Fi360 or the exam taker, and may only be proctored by Fi360 personnel. 

To successfully complete either examination, a minimum score of 75% is required.

The AIFA® examination is a paper-based, timed, closed-book assessment that must be attempted unaided in the presence of a proctor. It totals 50 points consisting of nine (9) short answer questions (30 points total), ten (10) multiple choice questions (10 points total) and completion of case studies (10 points total).

To successfully complete the assessment, a minimum total score of 75% is required.

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