Tips for Effective Study

Here are some suggestions to increase your effectiveness in preparing for and taking your Examination.

Day to Day

  • Review the course transcripts, make notes and review them every day.
  • Take the quizzes and assessment multiple times until you feel comfortable with the material and are receiving high scores.
  • Review the resources section of the training for additional understanding of the material. This includes, course materials, tools materials, and reference materials.

Preparing for the Exam

  • Do not wait until the night before an exam to study.
  • Try not to "cram" during every spare moment before an exam. This only increases the feeling of desperation which leads to panic, and then to test anxiety.

On Exam Day

  • Be physically prepared.
  • Make sure your computer is technically capable and has the appropriate connection speed. Computer issues: cache, security settings, monitor/screen display, Internet connection, browser Internet options, etc.
  • Mastering or navigating technology should be your first concern. It is your responsibility to know these requirements.
  • Carefully read the instructions.
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