Unified Trust Integration User Guide

Information about how to get started using the integration capabilities between the Fi360 Toolkit and Unified Trust.

I use the Unified Trust platform, what will this integration allow me to do?

The integration simplifies the client creation process allowing you to quickly start using the Client Cabinet functionality to generate reports, investment policy statements and more

1) Easily create clients in the Toolkit

  • Automatically create client basic information in the Client Cabinet
  • Automatically populate your clients' holdings and dollar values

2) Automatically update investment dollar values for each client


How do I get started using this integration?


To gain access to the Fi360 Toolkit, please request a free trial at the following link, then follow the steps in the rest of this document:

Fi360 Toolkit Free Trial


If you are already a Toolkit user, please login and follow the instructions below to utilize the integration. 

1) Access www.Fi360.com in your web browser and select LOGIN 

Enter email address and password to sign in 

2) Select My Clients (or any Quick Link) to access the Toolkit


3) Select Integration Partners: Settings>User Settings>Integration Partners

4) Add integration partner 

5) Select link to open Authorization to Provide Retirement Plan Data form


6) Complete and send the form to Unified Trust (a copy of the form can be opened at the bottom of this page)


 7) Select Integration Partner, Advisor Id, select Add

The status will now read as "Pending" until fi360 and Unified Trust Company have authorized the data for use in the Toolkit.


8) After the status is changed to “Approved”, you will be able to use the integration features


Reference "Establishing Integration Features in the Toolkit" to learn how to use the integration features, once approved.



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