Add an integration partner

*Note: This article pertains to the Fiduciary Focus Toolkit.

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Fi360 has established integration relationships with many leading firms in order to simplify and streamline the client account creation and account update processes, saving you valuable time.

To add an integration to your account, click on 'Settings' at the top right of the page, then go to Application Management > Integration Providers.

1.  Click the 'Add New Provider' button
2.  Select the desired provider and follow the instructions provided on the page. Please note that each provider has their own specific process and/or form you need to fill out.  Failure to follow these instructions can delay the set-up of your integration.
3.  Once the provider request has been submitted, it will go into a Pending state until approved by Fi360 and the provider.  Fi360 will contact you as soon as the connection becomes active.


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