How do I create a monitoring report?

In order to produce a client monitoring report, you need to load the client's account holdings and activate an investment policy.

1.  Create your client and add one or multiple accounts that you want grouped together under the same monitoring report.  For each account, you can then load the holdings using an integration partner, uploading an EXCEL file or manually entering them.  Once created, your client will look like this.

2.  In the 'Investment Policies' tab, you can then create the Investment Policy that will govern how the investments will be monitored.  


a.  You don't need to select an Investment Policy Template if you are not ready to generate the actual paper statement at this time.   
b.  You can modify the default Watch List Triggers in Settings/Application Settings/Watch List Triggers if you want to use your own due diligence process.

3.  Once you are satisfied with the preview, you need to activate the Policy for it to go into effect. 

(Screenshot with an Investment Policy Template selected is shown above.  If no template was selected, you would not see the statement tab.)  

4.  Once activated, if you click on the client's 'Monitoring Reports' tab, you will see a Monitoring Report generated against the most recent quarter's data. You can click on the row to view it.

Note: As time progresses, a new monitoring report will appear when quarterly investment data is posted.  (This usually occurs on the night of the 6th business day after quarter-end.)


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