How do I look up the Fi360 Fiduciary Score® and other data on a particular investment?

Fi360 Fiduciary Scores® are provided for all your clients’ holdings you may have entered and saved already. They are available to view in the client area however if you have a situation where you want to take a quick look at a different fund you already have in mind, you can research a ticker symbol to view data on that fund. The search area is the best place to do that. It will also allow you to generate a factsheet report in PDF form.


1.  Select the ‘Search’ button from the main navigation menu on the left side of the page.
 2.  Select 'New Search' then in the drop-down menu select the 'search by name, ticker or cusip' filter. Type in the ticker symbol you would like to look up.  You can also type in an investment name or CUSIP.  Note there are many other filters to use if you would rather screen all available funds than look for one investment.
3.  Click 'View 1 Results' at the bottom.
4.  Click the report icon in the far right column for the investment you want to view and the Investment Factsheet will appear.  From here, you can use the onscreen factsheet or download a detail PDF factsheet


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