Updating account balances

You can update a client's account balances manually or by importing an excel spreadsheet.  Note: If your account is linked to an integration partner, the account balances will be updated automatically.

1.  Select a client and click on the account you’d like to update.


 2a. If you’d like to update the asset values with an excel spreadsheet

  • Click the import holdings button and select the Import From Excel option 
  • Select the file from your computer and specify the columns which contain the ticker and Asset values (column headers are not required)
  • Once the import is complete, you can preview the updates before changing the account.  In addition, you can change the date of the asset values if required too. If everything looks good, click the 'Save Changes' button to update the account.



2b. If you’d like to update the asset values manually, click on the edit table button

  • Update the asset values and the as of date as required.  Once you’ve completed your updates, click the Save button



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