How do I research and filter for investments?

We have overhauled search capabilities to give you quicker and easier investment screening and analysis.  You can also skip the screening and look up one or many investments you already have in mind. This specifically unlocks the following for you:

  • Look up one or many investments. You can now use comma-separated tickers to look up a list or paste a column of tickers symbols from excel (max 400).
  • Utilize pre-populated screening criteria or pick your own criteria in one step. No more one-by-one selection
  • Quickly pick all the factors you need. Select multiple peer group or fund families in one step
  • Customize the investment data you see on the results page. Choose to only see the data that matters to you
  • Not only can you customize what you see, but it is now easier to scan the results page with updated colors, clear column headings, and an additional keyword search

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