How do I research and filter for investments?

You can utilize the Search page to screen through all available investment data available in Fi360.  We currently source all of our investment data from Morningstar(r) and have access to the mutual fund, ETF, CIT, separate account, group retirement plan annuity and variable annuity databases.  The search page allows you to add a set of filters to reduce the full universe of investments down to a smaller list of investments that you may research further by looking at an investment factsheet or comparing multiple investments.   This is different than the investment change and shortlist features in that it doesn’t document your process. 

1)      Start - Click ‘Search’ on the left menu bar.

2)      Screen - Click ‘New Search’ to begin to select the screening criteria you will use to filter out inappropriate funds.  Notice the # of investments that meet your screening criteria will adjust based on your screening criteria.

3)      Review - Once you select the filters and cutoff for each, you can click the orange button to view all investments that meet the filters you have established.  Your list will appear at the bottom of the page for you to review.  From here, you can click the factsheet icon to view a more detailed report on a particular fund.  You can also check the box next to several investments to compare them side by side (compare icon will appear at the top right of the page once you check the boxes).

4)      Revise your filters (if needed) – The top of the page will allow you to see your chosen filters, edit them to change the number of results shown or save them to use at a later point in time.  This is not a required step but can be useful in certain scenarios.

5)      Start a shortlist (if needed) - You can copy your list of investments to a shortlist.  This would be useful if you want to document your research process.  Further, you would have the ability to add(recommend) one or several of these investments to a client and have that appear in their monitoring report.

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