Watch list overview

A Watch List is a set of investments that you are currently performing a detailed review on and watching closely to determine if they should be kept or terminated. Investments on watch are specifically called out in a number of places including the client’s Monitoring Report and within both Book of Business dashboards (Clients & Investments).

An investment can put on the watch list via two methods.

  1. Quantitative watch list triggers identified in a client’s Investment Policy
  2. Qualitative watch list overrides

Quantitative watch list triggers identified in a client’s Investment Policy  
A watch list trigger includes a set of conditions (data points and thresholds) that an investment has to meet to remain off watch. If not met, it will be put on the watch list.  You can build your own triggers in Settings/Application Settings/Watch List Triggers.  When creating a client’s Investment Policy, you can assign the watch list trigger that you want to run against each investment type (active, passive, money market/stable value & target date fund).  

See here for more details.

Qualitative watch list overrides  
Watch list overrides can be manually added to force the watch list status of an investment (both On Watch and Off Watch). This override status will always take precedence over any watch list trigger.  You can manage your watch list overrides in Settings/Application Settings/Watch List Overrides.

See here for more details.


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