Managing watch list overrides

Watch List overrides can be manually added to force the watch list status of an investment (both On Watch and Off Watch). Once activated, the override status will always take precedence over any watch list trigger and will remain in effect until you deactivate it.

Each override can be activated for:

  • your entire book of business
    • This is more common and useful if you want the same decision applied across every client that holds this investment
  • a specific client account
    • This is useful when you have a targeted decision that only applies to a single client
  • across all share classes of the same parent investment
    • This is more common and useful when you are making a watch list decision based on the quality of the investment manager and their performance
  • a specific share class
    • This is useful if you want to make a watch list decision for a single share class due to the expense structure of that class

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