February 2018 Release Notes

It's been a busy and productive start to 2018.

We're excited to share with you more new features within the Fiduciary Focus Toolkit!

Feel free to peruse the most significant changes below!

Improved Feature – Investment Screener

We have overhauled search capabilities to give you quicker and easier investment screening and analysis.  You can also skip the screening and look up one or many investments you already have in mind. This specifically unlocks the following for you:

  • Look up one or many investments. You can now use comma separated tickers to look up a list or paste a column of tickers symbols from excel (max 400).
  • Utilize pre-populated screening criteria or pick your own criteria in one step. No more one-by-one selection
  • Quickly pick all the factors you need. Select multiple peer group or fund families in one step
  • Customize the investment data you see on the results page. Choose to only see the data that matters to you
  • Not only can you customize what you see, but it is now easier to scan the results page with updated colors, clear column headings and an additional keyword search


New Feature – Custom Investments

Input any investment you would like.  This gives you and your clients a clear picture of all their investments - i.e. cash, individual stocks, bonds, loan accounts, self-directed brokerage windows – anything you want!  Get started creating these now by navigating to the setting area (top right of page).  You can then add the investment to any client or proposal.



New Integrations – Import Data Accurately and Efficiently

Fi360 is now integrated with Orion Advisor! Go to Settings>Integration Providers within your Toolkit to learn how to establish the integration.  




Improved Feature – PDF File Names

Now when you download a PDF file, i.e. an Investment Factsheet, you will see a more descriptive file name automatically appear for you.  This makes saving files to your computer and sending files to clients much easier.


Improved Report – Monitoring Report

The monitoring report was condensed to fit investments on watch onto the same page.


Improved Report – Proposal Report

The proposal report now defines current vs. proposed investments in the standardized performance disclosure.


Improved Report – Investment Policy Statement

Updated margins to improve the professionalism of the IPS.

Improved Feature – Advisor Oversight Monitoring Reports

Users of the Advisor Oversight application can now see the meeting minutes / attachments associated with a given monitoring report.





A recorded webinar showcasing some of these new features is available here: https://vimeo.com/259054907/70448304af




Update March 14th, 2018: 

We have simplified the process for adding and removing client holdings!

When adding or removing an investment in a monitored account, you no longer have to go through the shortlist process. The shortlist process is great for tracking changes, however it was difficult to adjust holdings if a mistake was made. The process for ‘replacing’ an investment remains the same, so you can continue to showcase suggested replacements within your monitoring reports.

The result is a quicker way to add and remove holdings while still maintaining the ability to document and showcase a prudent process.

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