April 2018 Release Notes

We're excited to share with you more enhancements to the Fi360 Platform!

New Feature – Lists

We've added Lists to the Fiduciary Focus Toolkit™ to make your investment screening even easier.   You can now upload and save your investment lists within the Toolkit, allowing you to screen for only the investments available to you and your clients.  Lists save you from the hassle of manually checking fund availability in multiple software systems.  Upload and maintain your lists in the Fi360 Platform for seamless investment research!

Common list examples:

  • Platform availability lists
  • Brokerage availability lists
  • Recommended fund lists

Supported file types:

  • Excel (.xls and .xlsx) 
  • CSV

Supported identifiers:

  • Ticker Symbols
  • CUSIPs
  • SEC IDs


Improved App 
– Fee Benchmarker®

You can now display the advisory fees in basis points within your Fee Benchmarker® reports!  This impacts the advisory fees and benchmark data shown within the report. You can configure reports to match your preferred way of discussing fees, that is, by showing fees in basis points, dollar values or both.  

Reports now clearly state your plan size (i.e. $5.7 million) and the plan size you are compared to (i.e. $6 million).

We've also made it quicker for you to input your fees by eliminating the need to convert basis points to dollar values.  Simply tell us how many basis points you charge, and we'll do the calculations to convert that to a flat dollar amount.  Of course, you can still input the dollar amount if you charge a flat fee.

The Fee Benchmarker® can be purchased by contacting sales@fi360.com


Improved Reporting – FINRA Compliance Adjustments

Each Fiduciary Focus Toolkit PDF report was updated to keep current with FINRA disclosure requirements.

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